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The name CyberTAN is a derivative from three concepts which we believe addresses data security in an organised, well-structured manner. The prefix ‘Cyber’ relates to or is characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, digital communications, automation of controls and virtual reality. The suffix ‘TAN’ is derived from two ideas: first, TAN is an acronym for Technology, Applications and Networks, and second, it's the suffix of Spartan - the elite Greek warriors who thought nothing of danger, expected to win, and created a sense of dread in their opponents. Our name therefore is an indication that the approach to security needs to be organised, structured, smart and steadfast. This forms the core of our commitment to you.


We intend to be an outrageously successful Information Security Specialist with clients at the forefront of everything we do so that they may derive true value from security.


Our mission is an enduring one. It declares our purpose and serves as a standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. We strive to:

  • Create value and to make a difference

  • Inspire innovation by thinking and doing things differently

  • Instil a winning culture that defines the attitudes and behaviours that is required to make our Vision a reality – be the brand.

  • Live by our core values: quality, respect, integrity, passion, accountability, innovative and ‘client first’

  • Provide clarity and remove the noise for better decision making

"Cybercrime costs South Africa more than ZAR1 billion per year and has increased by almost 30% since 2013". Source: SABRIC

“There is no one solution to detect  a cyber attack - a defense in depth strategy is key, however knowledge is power”.

"WannaCry Ransomware affects 200,000+ systems across 150 countries with hackers scoring thousands of US Dollars in Bitcoin payments". Source: CNBC News, May 2017

"Cybercrime costs the worldwide economy roughly $450 billion annually, up nearly 200 percent in five years". Source: Hamilton Place Strategies

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