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A Holistic data protection platform - You own your data

There are many online communications and collaboration methods used daily. Emails and documents need to be sent and files shared which means data travels beyond your internal network to third parties, clouds and other jurisdictions and you need the assurance that your data is always secure.

Galaxkey's encryption platform enables you to keep ownership of your data and the keys used to secure your data. This means that when you protect your data with Galaxkey you own your data and you control the access to your data. In other words Galaxkey has no access to your data or your keys.

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Granular visibility and control - You're in Control

Controlling data is integral to achieving effective data protection and complying with current regulations. Granular data control is needed to protect your valuable data as well as manage data flows between employees, suppliers and customers. Access control is key to managing data access, allowing access to those who require it and removing access from those who don’t.

Galaxkey ensures that you have effective access control when securing your data. Even once ‘Galaxkeyed’ data has left the physical and logical boundaries of your business and when it crosses geographical boundaries you always have control. This enables you to comply with the adequacy of data protection regulations like the GDPR and POPIA.

With Galaxkey you have comprehensive control:

  • Control and manage the type of data you protect

  • Control access to your data, so you know who is accessing your data

  • Control how you securely communicate and share your data

  • Control the platforms, interfaces and environments you use

  • Control the location of your data, so you keep the data where you choose

  • Control the policies and rules that your users and data abide by

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Any data, throughout its life-cycle - Protect your Data

You need to protect your sensitive data in all its forms. Your business relies on data and your brand and reputation depend on its protection. The risk of not protecting your data is equivalent to not protecting your assets.

Galaxkey’s innovative data-centric technologies combined with pragmatic policy management gives you the flexible and extensible data protection that you need to secure the most sensitive data. Galaxkey works seamlessly in the background so that your infrastructure, IT and users are not affected.

Galaxkey works across all platforms, interfaces and environments. Letting you work how, where and when you choose. With Galaxkey you can achieve comprehensive data protection for all data to help you achieve compliance.

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