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Threats are increasing and becoming more hostile on a daily basis. Skills come at a premium and are scarce. Budgets are under pressure and taking strain. Critical business imperatives can pose risks if they're not properly managed. CyberTAN can help you meet the unique demands of your business through well-structured, smart, sound, sensible solutions.


Reveal the real security posture of your environment. Conducting an independent test against your organization's IT assets will give you a greater understanding of how vulnerable your organization really is. Regular testing will also validate whether your security controls are functioning as expected.

You have a choice of either Traditional Pen Tests or Crowd Sourced Pen Tests and whether you wish to have access to a Platform and simply get a report. Our budget friendly solutions cater for any sized business.

Crowd Test Aggregation

Test your assets by collaborating with our global security researcher community along with the mandatory QA and review process of submitted bug reports.

Compliance Test Aggregation

Test your assets to comply with various security standards like PCI-DSS, GDPR, POPIA, HIPAA, SOX etc. Includes Scanner Test Aggregation module.

Scanner Test Aggregation

Scan yourself and upload xml files or schedule your scans with our team for multiple applications or network ranges and assign to your team for remediation.

Vul Mgt

Need to know if your website or web application is secure, then try our web application scanner to get a better idea of where you stand. Web Application Scanners are the automated tools that scan a website or web application to look for known security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, directory traversal, command execution, insecure server configuration and more. It does not stop there, networks and databases are also at risk. We'll find a solution to suit you.

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