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mSAT™ (Managed Security Awareness)

The need for good security awareness training goes a long way to managing employee risk. Initiating a Security Awareness Program is a move in the right direction considering the laws that have been introduced regarding the handling of sensitive information. However, having a program is one thing but not making good use of the program is counter intuitive. This is where the CyberTAN mSAT™ (Managed Security Awareness Training) service kicks in. Once you have acquired your e-learning licenses, which we can supply, you can now take advantage of our mSAT™ service where we help run and drive program delivery. No need to hire new staff or appointing an already overladen employee with the task of implementation and delivery. Let us take this headache away with our monthly driven mSAT™ service to guarantee consistent program delivery.

The Packages


The journey to a security conscious culture.

CyberTAN’s mSAT™ services are designed to take care of your training program when you don’t have the time nor resources to do it yourself. Often, we find clients buy into a great solution but struggle to implement it and drive it monthly and therefore lose out on it's effectiveness. This is where our managed service combined with our eLearning portal helps you to achieve the results you seek.

mSAT™ is offered in various packages with services offered in each to enhance the delivery of our eLearning program. Depending on whether you are budget conscious or whether you require intense assistance then
one of our package options may suite you. Our packages are available in five options with one (1) being the least intense and five (5) the most intense.

If none of the packages are a good fit then we can customise a package to suite a specific budget or service requirement within reason.

What about traditional training?

Many clients feel the need to continue with traditional board room style training which we can provide as well.

Lastly, we understand that you have suppliers and customers of your own in which case we can also assist you to educate them via seminars, webinars or at your offices. Just let us know what you require and we'll set up a program to help you achieve your objectives.

Social Engineering is information security’s weakest link.”


– Kevin Mitnick, ‘The World’s Most Famous Hacker’, IT Security Consultant

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