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CyberTAN offers you a wide variety of solutions and products to meet all sorts of threat, vulnerability and compliance management needs. Choosing what's right for you is a big enough challenge and with our help we can guide you to making the right decisions suited for your business. We remain impartial by design and take your business, brand and industry into account before offering recommendations. Our aim is to offer you best of breed solutions that meet simple criteria where possible i.e. Cost Efficiency, Easy to Deploy & Manage, Low Maintenance Overheads.

GK Encrypt
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The Galaxkey Encryption Platform
Galaxkey is an Encryption Platform, performing encryption functions across the enterprise using a single platform. This means file encryption, email encryption, secure file sharing, secure archiving, cloud encryption, and any other custom applications you would like to use via the API. Galaxkey removes the need to have multiple encryption products, saving time, money and making encryption easier for users.
  • Send and receive encrypted emails from Outlook, iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows Devices.

  • Encrypt and protect any document in any format.

  • Encrypt and protect your files in Dropbox, Boxed, iCloud or Google Drive. Plus get 10GB Free secure cloud storage.

  • Share files securely with anyone with just a click of a mouse button.

Download the data sheet
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HoneyPot - Sing like a bird

Know. When it matters!


Order, configure and deploy your HoneyPot throughout your network. Make one a Windows file server, another a router, throw in a few Linux webservers while you're at it. Each one hosts realistic services and looks and acts like its namesake.

Then you wait. Your HoneyPot's run in the background, waiting for intruders or staff wondering around your network when they know they shouldn't. Attackers prowling a target network look for juicy content. They browse Active Directory for file servers and explore file shares looking for documents, try default passwords against network devices and web services, and scan for open services across the network.

When they encounter your HoneyPot, the services on offer are designed to solicit further investigation, at which point your pot sings like a Canary and notifies you of the incident.

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