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What is the value of education in Application Security? Time and resources saved.

Developers need to understand security vulnerabilities to write safer code using best practices. Security teams need to understand application vulnerabilities to help prioritize updates, patches, and ticketing. eLearning helps turn DevOps into DevSecOps. Knowledge about application security, threats, and best practices define the difference between replicating the same problem across multiple sites and building secure applications by design.

Our eLearning content explains, develops, reinforces, and assesses secure coding practices with self-paced, interactive sessions that are engaging and easy to deploy for small, large, and distributed teams. Our learning tracks let your education administrator track progress and reward achievement, with certificates for each class to satisfy CPE credit requests.

eLearning track options:

  • Application Security for Security Professionals

  • Application Security for Developers

  • Application Security Training for the Java Developer

  • General Security Education

Each phase of development presents an opportunity to improve or weaken the security of your application – the decision is yours.

How you Benefit?
Broad Coverage of Training Topics

From executive to developer, there are appropriate introductions to common vulnerabilities and secure coding practices drilling down to specific examples which illustrate best practices.


Application Security as a Discipline

Learn to manage risk effectively by identifying vulnerabilities in the user applications and websites earlier by developers.


Threat Modeling & CPE Credits

Developers can view individual vulnerability descriptions and remediation Participants gain a foundational understanding of the identification, classification, and rating of threats against application architectures. Each class and completion of a learning path includes a certificate of completion.

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